Oh go on then, we know you want to see the designs and fish related quippery before you buy

So here they are in all their finery!  You can buy our cards online.  Just visit the Shop and no need to be shy - we welcome all purchases; the individual looking for a change from the norm, a shop yearning for something both innovative and targeted, and we really welcome trade enquiries and will quote on spec.

Card Ref: Pike (Christmas)

Card Ref: Plaice

Card Ref: Whiting

Card Ref: Pollock

Card Ref: Char

Card Ref: Koi

Card Ref: Mullet

Time poor but bandwidth rich? Then download our A4 sample sheet in PDF format; just right click on this link and select “Save Target As”.

It’s a 1.2mb download and you’ll need Adobe Reader to view it, but everyones got that haven’t they? No? Then go here

Who’d Have Thought It!

Fish? Funny? Well, yes, quite frankly! It’s the natural choice for our range of mirthful cards. Our initial aim was to target fishing tackle shops, but then why stop there? We felt it was only right that the joys of fish humour should be available to a wider audience.

Fish humour at it’s best - is there anything better? If there is, then we don’t want to know about it! Take a look at these great designs - hopefully they’ll bring a smile to your face and also to those lucky, lucky people that you send them to!

Latest News

Counter top Display Stands Now Available!

Monday, October 6, 2008

What more could you want? An enigmatic range of cards and now a virtuoso method to display them!
Merely 12 inches wide, these plain white cardboard stande are avilable flat packed and assembled in a matter of varying units of time. Simple to use they are tiered and solve the problem faced by some shop owners [...]

eantics built our site

Monday, October 6, 2008

Big thanks to eantics Ltd, who integrated our site with a content management system, so we now have total control over all of it… You can find them at eantics Web Design.

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