Welcome to Fish’n'Quips

Fish’n'Quips…..what a name and what a concept!

Where else can you find this exquisite style of birthday/greetings cards for all occasions? You possibly weren’t aware that such delights existed, but no longer - you’ve found us and our sumptuous range of cards combined with fish humour. But don’t just take our unbiased word for it, come, enter, and enjoy our hospitality.

And then buy some! You can now order from the fancy online shopping cart, telephone 01271 866701 or 07854 552826 or email us at sales@fishnquips.co.uk

As my grandpappy used to say ‘The world can be a joyous arena yet a challenging one. Go, my boy, and enlighten those who live in darkness and let fish be thy means’

Latest News

Counter top Display Stands Now Available!

Monday, October 6, 2008

What more could you want? An enigmatic range of cards and now a virtuoso method to display them!
Merely 12 inches wide, these plain white cardboard stande are avilable flat packed and assembled in a matter of varying units of time. Simple to use they are tiered and solve the problem faced by some shop owners [...]